Basic understanding of JavaScript, React Js & React State.

What is React Query

What is React Query? React Query is a library that gives React JS the state management ability for any kind of asynchronous data. It allows you to make requests and handle response metadata. According to their official documentation,

“React Query is often described as the missing data-fetching library for React, but in more technical terms, it makes fetching, caching, synchronizing and updating server state in your React applications a breeze.”

State management has been a topic from the front-end applications. …


Basic understanding of React Js and JavaScript.

Since the launch of Redux in 2015, it has been the preferred solution for state management. Because of that by the time “you should learn Redux” has become a universal truth. Many people start to use Redux without knowing why actually we need Redux. Because there are situations, Redux is not the best option we have.

Before start using Redux, it is important to understand how to use it. Especially because there is another solution, which is a supplementary solution Reacts Context API!

Before we start talking about React, we need to have…

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